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4 Upsides to Holiday Traveling

November 09, 2020

Although the holidays tend to bring about feelings of merriment and joy, there is an aspect that many may dread: traveling. From fighting with the crowds at the airport to forgetting to pack an important item in your suitcase, there are many ways traveling this time of year can be stressful. Luckily, there are also upsides to taking a vacation this time of year. Read on to learn why holiday traveling can be the ideal way to spend your holiday break.

Swimming Pool Access
November isn’t exactly known for its swimming opportunities, especially in South Dakota, but the heated pool here at Quality Inn & Suites allows you to forget about the cold, blustery weather and reminisce about the balmy days of summer. There may be no better way to take a break from the holiday festivities than by lounging poolside!

No Hosting Responsibilities
There may be no greater stress during the holidays than hosting a family holiday dinner. Planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning can take a huge chunk out of the time that you could be spending making valuable memories with family. But as the guest, you get to kick back and relish in the festivities without a care in the world. Hint: You may get a few brownie points (or an extra slice of pie!) for volunteering to help wash dishes.

A Break from the Norm
Sometimes a change of scenery is all we need in order to rejuvenate from the stress of everyday life, and getting away from it all during the holidays is the perfect time to take in new surroundings. Snow tends to make its appearance in Rapid City by November, and if you live in an area of the country that doesn’t see much of the white stuff, the sight of snowflakes gently falling can be quite the sight to behold. If you’re from a place where snow is a frequent occurrence, and you’re already sick of it this year, don’t fret; the Black Hills are notorious for frequent weather changes, and a few days spent in the area lends the chance to experience all seasons of the year.

Unique Shopping Experiences
The Christmas shopping season is upon us, and while many are racking their brain thinking of where they can purchase a one-of-a-kind gift when everyone in town are shopping at the same stores, you have the chance to browse through shops that aren’t available at home. The Black Hills is home to many local retailers that offer handcrafted art, jewelry, toys and apparel that you won’t find anywhere else. A stroll through downtown Rapid City is sure to result in crossing a few names off of your Christmas gift list.

Hopefully we have given you some inspiration in making your next traveling adventure the best one yet. With a stay at Quality Inn & Suites, you’re sure to have a holiday break filled with rest and relaxation!

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