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National Ice Cream Day – 5 Ways to Celebrate!

November 09, 2020

July 16th is National Ice Cream Day! Proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, people all around the country are celebrating National Ice Cream Day together. Whether you want a scoop of classic vanilla or dare to try a dill pickle sorbet, checkout our list of delicious ice cream shops located throughout the Black Hills.

Silver Lining Creamery

Located at Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City, Silver Lining Creamery prides itself on fresh, premium, small batch ice cream. For both staple and ever-changing flavors, Silver Lining utilizes fresh ingredients such as local honey and Midwest dairy to create unique flavors, with unique names (such as “My Ex’s Heart” and “Circus Animals”) to entice every customer who walks in the door. Rather than sticking to the must have flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla bean, try stepping out of your comfort zone and trying one of their crazy-sounding, delicious tasting flavors. You read it correctly above; Silver Lining is known to have created dill pickle sorbet, hot mango, lavender honey, and cotton candy ice cream. While we can’t guarantee those flavors will be there for National Ice Cream Day, we can guarantee that you’ll love their sweet treats!

Memorial Team Ice Cream

Have you ever wondered where the first written recipe for ice cream came from? Back in 1780, President Jefferson wrote down his original recipe for vanilla ice cream and you have a chance to try it at Memorial Team Ice Cream. As if this ice cream couldn’t get anymore patriotic, Memorial Team Ice Cream is perfectly located at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Carvers who worked on Mount Rushmore created a baseball team and eventually took second place in state competition in 1939. Admire life-size photos of the players in uniforms as a friendly staff member grabs you soft-serve or hand scooped ice cream.

Purple Pie Place

Situated in Custer, there’s a not-so-discrete building called the Purple Pie Place. As you drive down Mt. Rushmore Road in Custer, you can’t miss this bright purple house with dark purple and light pink accents. If you still have trouble finding this colorful parlor, follow the crowd, as this restaurant is always bustling. Although known for their delicious pies, they serve hundreds of slices a week, you can also grab a slice a la-mode. The Purple Pie Place can also scoop up a delicious, traditional banana split sundae or, if you’re feeling spunky, create your own sundae!

Turtle Town

If you’re looking for something gourmet and hand crafted to add to your ice cream, Turtle Town is calling your name. Located in both Keystone and Hill City, Turtle Town is well-known for their gourmet chocolates and fudge. Serving up perfection since 1999, more tourists and locals are discovering this local shop to satisfy their chocolate and ice cream cravings. Take on the task of creating your own sundae, or choose from one of the many special sundaes they’ve already created. We won’t judge if you decide to crush up some of the delicious fudge and chocolates and add it on top for your own specialty ice cream creation.

Leone’s Creamery

Last, but not least, head out to Leone’s Creamery in Spearfish to experience the Black Hills in a variety of scoops of ice cream! Maintaining an important focus on local business partnerships, Leone’s Creamery has been known to collaborate with Crow Peak Brewing Co. for their malty porter, Cycle Farm’s for rhubarb, and Sunrise Hives for honey to hand-craft unique flavors. Dare to try green tea or blueberry goat’s cheese ice cream? No matter what time of year you visit, Leone’s Creamery consistently offers eight changing flavors and a vegan option to offer something for everyone. Additionally, you can indulge in their homemade gluten-free waffle cones!

Once you’ve properly celebrated National Ice Cream Day with a scoop (or three) of local goodness, head back to your room at Quality Inn and upload all the delicious photos of the ice cream you indulged in with the free Wi-Fi.

P.S. We strongly believe in celebrating ice cream anytime of the year, but especially on July 16th.

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